GREEN Bionic Steps to a Lighter
Ecological Footprint

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At Bionic Body Studio we embrace an eco-conscious design and philosophy. We’ve taken a few Bionic steps to ensure our ecological footprint is a little lighter.


We’ve banned plastic water bottles. That’s right, NO plastic bottles are allowed in studio. Instead, we provide you with a glass water bottle to fill at our filtered water station. You’ll feel good about watching the ticker count how many water bottles we save the planet. Take it on your way out or leave it for us to sterilize for your next visit.  

  • Our workouts are 100% human powered.
  • We use LED lighting with local and dimming controls, zoned and programmable temperature controls and energy management systems.
  • Look up to see our 8 ft fan. It provides a cost-effective method of controlling energy costs through improved air circulation. On average, our fan saves 25% or more during the heating and cooling periods of the year.
  • The Bionic Body Studio floors are made with recycled rubber. This flooring removes tires from the environment and contributes to the LEED rating system.
  • We launder our towels in energy efficient washing machines and dryers and avoid the use of paper towel waist.
  • We are close to public transportation and are happy to keep your bike entertained while you workout!