Soulful Sunday with Heather Glovack

Action: Practice YOGA!

If you're not practicing yoga, you're truly missing out on a life-changing experience. Yoga is much more than a workout- it's a mind, body connection that can create a sense of harmony in your body and life. If you commit to your practice I can guarantee you will experience an improvement mentally, physically, and emotionally. Have you ever left work feeling stressed? Have you ever had a fight with your significant other that left you feeling angry, sad, or mentally exhausted? Yoga can be healing to all of these feelings- wether you're taking a vinyasa, restorative, or kundalini class you are allowing yourself to detach from the external. These precious moments are a beautiful time for you to connect with your true-self, to reset, and to calm what the yogi's call- the "monkey mind". And if you can't find thirty minutes out of your day to practice, I suggest you take an hour. Here are some of the physical benefits of yoga: improves flexibility, improves balance, releases tension in your limbs, helps you sleep deeper, regulates your adrenal glands, increases blood flow, improves your bone health, protects your spine, and these are just a handful of the amazing benefits! Hopefully I have convinced you to join me in this amazing practice- You can flow with me Wednesday's at 7:00pm, Friday's at 9:00am, and Sunday's at 10:00am upstairs in the Soul Studio. I hope to see you on your mat :)

Affirmation: Create peace in any situation, commit to your affirmation when you're feeling overwhelmed!



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