Beauty Q & A

What Skincare lines does Bionic Body carry?

Bionic Body carries Le Mieux, Image, and Farmhouse Fresh.

Why did Bionic Body choose these Skincare lines? 

These lines are known and respected for their high quality, luxury formulations and their unparalleled ability to make a positive change to the skin. In addition, the ingredients that are NOT in these products are vital. The environmental philosophies of our skincare brands are key. We have listed this information below: 

Le Mieux is driven by a team of scientific skin care visionaries who strive to break through and revamp the industry’s filler-based pandemic. The elite group includes expert cell biologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, as well as organic and cosmetic chemists. From their vision, Le Mieux developed groundbreaking skincare innovations that regenerate skin from deep within the cellular matrix, providing healthier, visibly younger skin.
Le Mieux Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is widely recognized by both medical and aesthetic professionals today. As our skin matures, the process of effective cell renewal diminishes rapidly and efficiency along with the loss of cell communication. EGF technology crucially improves this communication allowing older cells to replicate a nutrient-rich version of their cells to restore and rebuild a striking, youthful brilliance.

no parabens
no chemical preservatives
no animal testing
Recyclable packing
Printed literature and brochures with vegetable based ink
90%-99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients
Many products are vegan and gluten-free
No Parabens
No Sulfates

What amenities are available prior to my treatment?

Bionic Body is not a full spa, simply a loved fitness studio that wanted to reward and remind clients to take care of those muscles and your largest organ, your skin! We do have 2 restrooms and one waterfall shower. If you would like to reserve the shower prior to or post treatment please include the request under “notes” when booking online or inform the receptionist when booking your appointment over the phone.

When are the spa treatments available?

Please check the schedule for a list of available times. If you would like to request an appointment that is not on the schedule please call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Where is the treatment room located in Bionic Body?

You will be greeted in the front lobby either by our receptionist or your service provider. They will walk you to the lounge area, which is located on the first floor next to the restroom.

Where is the best place to park?

These three lots best support Bionic Body.

  • Large parking structure across the street (300 spaces) on the corner of Hermosa Ave and 13th behind Starbucks
  • Parking lot located one block south of Pier Ave, corner of Hermosa Ave & 11th St. (100 spaces).
  • Parking lot located at 13th Ct. and 13th St. (60 spaces)

There is ample metered parking, however, we are located on the beach and parking is in high demand. Please allow extra time to park and pay the meter machine. (The Machines do take credit cards)

How can I schedule a spa treatment?

Reservations can easily be booked online, or if you have any questions or difficulties you can call the receptionist at Bionic Body at 310.376-7652. We recommend scheduling your appointment two weeks in advance.

What is the spa's cancellation policy?

Please provide at least 12 hours notice for cancellations or changes. Cancellations less than 12 hours in advance will result in a 50% charge for the scheduled services. A no-show for any service will be billed at the full price.

Where do I leave Gratuity for my service provider?

Recyclable envelopes are provided at the front desk. We ask that you please hand it to the receptionist.

How do I know how much Gratuity to leave for my service?

It all depends on how your treatment met your expectations! The appropriate amount is between 15% and 20%. If you are in a rush (or too relaxed to do the math) we do provide a gratuity chart at the front desk for your convenience.

What time should I arrive for my spa treatment?

If you are a first time client we kindly ask you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so you can fill out a client skin and body wellness form/health profile.

What if I’m late for my spa treatment?

We will do our best to accommodate you. Arriving late will most likely limit the time for your spa treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment. As your service was reserved at a specific time, your treatment will end at its set time so that the next guest is not inconvenienced and the full treatment price will apply.

How can I get the most out of my spa treatment?

Communication is key. Please advise your service provider of any special requests, sensitivities or allergies, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications. We will use this information to keep you comfortable and safe throughout your spa experience. Please notify us of any discomfort or personal preferences and/or possible concerns about your treatment regarding room temperature, music volume, massage pressure, or skin sensitivity to any product during your spa treatment.

Can I bring my kids to my spa treatment?

We do not feel this is a safe environment for your little ones, however, we are always open to special requests if need be. Please call the front desk and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you have Gift Certificates available for spa treatments?

Gift Certificates are available for a specific dollar amount or for a specific treatment.

I have never had a facial or massage before; what do I wear?

To ensure your modesty, our treatment staff is trained in professional draping techniques. Most guests prefer to fully undress for their treatments. Please disrobe to your personal comfort level.

Does Bionic Body use hard or soft wax?

The highest quality hard wax is used for all wax treatments. This means warm wax is applied to skin and removed without out a strip.

What can I do to alleviate the discomfort I feel if I’m sensitive to waxing?

We recommend no caffeinated drinks 6 hours prior to waxing. Do not wear clothes that are tight fitting or cause skin friction after wax.

How long does my hair need to be for a Bikini wax?

Your hair must be at least 1/4 inch for any of the 3 types of Bikini waxes we offer.

I have never had a Bikini wax before what can I expect?

All Bikini waxes include 6 steps:

Disposable Underwear is provided - this is not only used to provide personal comfort but as a tool, to hold skin taut while the wax is being applied and removed.

Safe Guard Trim - if the hair is too long it may be trimmed to help the comfort upon removal and to help maintain your finished look.

Pre-wax cleanser - Important in removing natural body oil, surface bacteria and closing the hair follicles to help prevent in-grown hairs.

Pre-wax oil - Essential to soothe and protect the skin prior to waxing. It also creates a barrier to prevent wax from sticking to skin and helps provide a more comfortable experience.

Post-wax Soothing lotion or Vitamin E application - Post-waxing formulations help hydrate and calm the skin.

Bolster Pillows - Its not always easy for the hips, legs and knees to hold the waxing positions. These pillows are provided to take stress off the muscles that sometimes start to tighten during the wax.